This is a place that individuals and companies that have a "commercial" interest in presenting a product or service to members of the Amel Yacht Owners Group can post that information. The postings in this subgroup can only be viewed by joining the Commercial subgroup (sorry we don't have an option with this). The method of posting is an email sent to Commercial postings can be in any form the poster may desire. Complete contact information should be in the posting so that any interested party can respond directly to the poster, rather than replying to the email posting. All postings are moderated. The person or company interested in posting does not need to be a member of Amel Yacht Owners Group. They can simply send their commercial email to 

Simple subgroup rules:
  1. Membership of the subgroup "Commercial" is optional.
  2. Current members of the Main Amel Yacht Owners Group must join in order to view and/or receive Commercial posting emails
  3. Commercial posters are only allowed to have only one active post.
  4. When a Commercial poster sends a new or second posting the first post be deleted.
  5. Commercial posters are not allowed membership in the Main Amel Yacht Owners Group unless they otherwise qualify.
  6. All Commercial Postings are moderated. There may be a 1-2 day delay in approval.
Commercial Posters should try to be as clear as possible in their offerings. Pay attention to the Subject line. This should be very clear because in most cases an interested party will decide whether or not to look further based on the Subject line. Also, clearly state the method of contact in the body of the posting, or include a link for contact information.
- Interested parties should contact the Commercial Poster directly rather than REPLY to the Group Post.
- Commercial Posters should contact interested parties directly rather than by REPLY. 

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