Nautic Water Heater/Boiler heating element and zinc

Ian Townsend

I have a brand new heating element and zinc for the Nautica 45 litre 1200W unit. Asking $60USD. AMEL price 72€.

Re: Rocna 40 kg for sale, asking Euro 500 #SELL

Joerg Esdorn

Price reduced.

Genoa car shieve(s) needed #BUY

Steven Bode <steve@...>

The shieve screw came out and I lost the entire wheel assembly. If you have one, let me know!
-Steve Bode 
SM #117 (1994)

Re: Rocna 40 kg for sale, asking Euro 800 #SELL

Joerg Esdorn

No, galvanized 

Re: like to join


On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 3:36 PM Alex Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...> wrote:
Regards, Alex
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like to join

Alexander Ramseyer

Regards, Alex
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Re: Rocna 40 kg for sale, asking Euro 800 #SELL


Is this stainless steel?


Rocna 40 kg for sale, asking Euro 800 #SELL

Joerg Esdorn

unused, still has warranty tag on it.  New in 2016.  New is Euro 1295 plus shipping.  Located in Almerimar until August 27.   

Passerelle Wanted #BUY

Alan "Woody" Wood

We were a bit negligent during the winter months and managed to wear two big grooves into our passerelle while on the dock.
I noticed many Amels have retrofitted fancy new passerelles.. so before attempting a repair, I wondered if anyone has one surplus to requirements and willing to sell?

We're in Turkey (Marmaris) at the moment and working our way North - then on to Greece (Cyclades, Peloponnese, Ionion) through August.



Sunbed upholstery for AMEL 54 2009 #SELL

Stefan Schaufert

Dear AMEL Group/ Owners,

I want to sell my sunbed cushions/ upholstery for the sun deck (above the aft cabin) on my AMEL 54 - seen on the pictures.
They are in a very good condition, like new. 
I guess they were never used.

If anyone is interested, please send me an offer or visit us on board.
We are still in La Rochelle for a few days.

Best regards
A54 / 119/ LADY CHARLYETTE / La Rochelle


Re: Register to join



AMEL 54 original FURUNO equipment #SELL

Teun BAAS <teun@...>

For sale virtually the complete original FURUNO equipment.
All in perfect working order when taken of the boat in October 2018.


Best Regards Teun BAAS

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



July 1, 2019 10:57:02

AMEL 54 BAMAR furlers 2nd generation for sale #SELL

Teun BAAS <teun@...>

I have the 2nd generation BAMAR Genoa and Staysail furlers for sale complete with electronic BOTRON boxes with additional spare rubber belts.


Best Regards Teun BAAS

SV AMELIT  A54  #128




July 1, 2019 10:53:02


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Dan Taylor

Suzuki 15hp #SELL

ngtnewington Newington <ngtnewington@...>

I have three outboards on Amelia so one had to go;
The Suzuki 15 hp two stroke with spare spark plugs and impeller. Instruction manual and fuel tank
1500 euros Perfect working order. Very lightly used.
Current location Corfu
Nick Newington
AML 54-019

Wasi #40 anchor forsale #SELL

Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...>

I am selling a #40 Wasi stainless steel anchor, it is in excellent condition and from my Amel 55, being now surplus to my needs it is forsale. I am cruising from Sicily to Spain this summer and can deliver it along the way if this is of help. Please reply with any interest. Paul 

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