Volvo D3-110i-A, original Volvo parts for sale

Alexander Ramseyer

Dear fellow A54 / Volvo D3 owner,
due to an engine change to Beta Marine, I sell my Volvo spares. Please have a look at the list below and let me know the parts you are interested in. I'll give you a better price than Volvo would.....(which I admit is easy).
Currently located in Saint Martin. So if you are located in Europe or the U.S. I will have to Fedex them to you. In this case single units don't really make sense. If you are sailing in the Caribbean this season there is a good chance we will meet. I'll sail down to Trinidad in March and back north later in the season.

3 Oil Filter
2 Air Filter
2 Belts
3 Timing Belts
6 Diesel Filters
2 Impellers
1 Fuel Filter Kit / Hand Pump
1 Impeller Housing Cap
1 Raw Water Pump (refurbished by Volvo dealer)
1 12 Volt Alternator (orignal Bosch, refurbished 2019, never used)
1 12 Volt Alternator (needs to be refurbished)
1 Gasket for Turbo
1 Starter solenoid (Valeo)
1 Instrument (Warning lamps)
1 Instrument (RPM's)
1 24 Volt Alternator, 110A
1 Tensioner

Best, Alex