Volvo D3-110 I A parts for sale #SELL

Alexander Ramseyer

Dear AMEL 54 / Volvo D3 owner,

due to an engine change to Beta Marine, my Volvo spares are for sale. This is an updated version of a former post that I deleted as some of the units have been sold and some new parts are for sale, like e.g. the brand-new prop that I have to change due to the unforeseen change to the new main engine.

Electronic Black Box (programmable / updatable)                                                                         

Oil Filter (1)
36mm nut (needed to open the oil filter housing)                                                                                                 

Fuel Filter (3)                                                                                               

Fuel Filter (Hengst) 2                                                                                

Air Filter (2)                                                                                  

Drive Belt (supports 2 Alternators, raw water pump (1)                  

Belt Tensioner (for long belt)                                                                  

Timing Belt (2)                                                                                            

Manual Fuel Pump Kit                                                

Raw Water Pump (refurbished, never used since)                                                                         

Seal to raw water pump (827247)                                                          

12V Bosch original Alternator (refurbished 2019, never used)      

24V, 110A Mastervolt Alternator (500h), incl. original Regulator 

Alternator Placebo                                                                                    

Starter Solenoid (Valeo)                                                                           

Instrument: Warning lamps                                                                    

Instrument: RPM gauge                                                                           

High pressure fuel pump                                                                                                                       

Anode (1)                                                                                                                                                                                

Oil cooler (Bowman original), used only 1 month              

ZF Gear Box (used, not refurbished, worked well)

3 Blade Propeller, AutoProp (self pitching, feathering prop) – used for only 40h