Amel54 original SSB system for sale

Scott SV Tengah

I'm selling the original SSB system from my 2007 A54 #69. All 24v, so no converters needed. We've used it for almost 3 years and it's worked perfectly the entire time. We used it as our primary offshore long distance communications, email and weather download system for over 20 thousand nautical miles but we find that we're not using it as much as we used to once we got the sat phone, so I'm thinking of selling it.

If you don't have SSB from the shipyard, I believe many Amels have the wiring and grounding plate installed and ready for SSB installation.

The components are:

Icom M-801E with external speaker and telephone like handset

$3554 AUD = $2600 USD


Pactor II-PRO with Pactor 3 upgrade and usb connection. With the USB adaptor, you plug this directly into your computer if you want to use email/data. With good propagation, this will provide faster data transfers than Iridium satellite service.

$1249USD for equivalent new


Icom AT-141 auto tuner to allow the use of the wire stays as an antenna, as long as you add an insulator. We used it per Amel - the triadic between the main and mizzen masts were used as a DSC antenna and we used a whip antenna also.

$527 new

The new pricing was around $2600+1249+527 = 4376 USD and it works perfectly and was selected by Amel for our 24v boats.

I'd like to sell the whole package for $2500USD, which is more than a 40% discount from new. We're in Hawaii now and can ship anywhere in the world.