Mango #29 - 35 Years of logs & charts for return to owner/family/cruisers

Charles Bell

Available: A massive library of charts, maps, detailed daily sailing records, and other records from 35+ years of Mango #29's cruising. These are not for sale. I am trying to return them to the owner, crew, family & friends, or anyone else who would like to preserve it. 

There are 35+ years of charts, logs, and other records of sailing in the Med, Europe, and a list of places too long to list. The stack of charts is 6 inches thick, weighs 20kg+, and contains endless pages of notes. In short, this is someone's family history, possibly the history of a few cruisers. There is simply too much to list, most of it carefully organized with some documents dating to 1948.

I cannot imagine the value of such a trove of records to a family historian and the thought of disposing of the archive without attempting to return or preserve it is unconscionable to me. 

Mango #29 was formerly named "Windrush" or "Jes Sea" or under any of the previous names. We know she was first purchased by a gentleman in Greece and then sold to a Brittish owner.

Please contact me if you have an interest in the cache of documents.

Thank you,