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The Amel Yacht Owners Group has over 1,300 members. Membership is restricted to actual Amel Yacht owners (present and past), those who plan to buy a new or used Amel, or those simply wanting more information about Amel yachts. The Amel Yacht Owners Group is independent and in no way connected to Chantier Amel, La Rochelle, France ( This group is sponsored and supported by Bill Rouse, owner of Amel Owners Yacht School ( specializing in training new owners of Amel yachts and supporting current owners. Amel yacht owner, Bob Rossi, is supporting this group with the following domain: This URL makes it easy for you to always find our homepage and refer us to other Amel yacht owners. The Group allows a single sponsor to advertise on the Wiki (Help) page. That sponsor contributes to the future cost of maintaining our group on the platform. The current sponsor is QSails, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality sails for Amels.

This Group frowns on commercial postings, however we encourage postings which will genuinely help Amel owners source needed parts and services. We encourage you to support the Amel brand and be respectful to the brand in your postings. Care should be taken to not post anything that could be considered offensive or derogatory regarding Amel, any Member, or Sponsor. Please refrain from political issues, rude, or inappropriate language. Please refrain from criticism of persons or businesses which you may have experienced unsatisfactory results, because it would be one-sided, without the ability of the other side to respond.

Buying or Selling Amel yachts and/or Amel Parts (Join these subgroups):
Yachts For Sale Subgroup: Amel yacht owners wanting to sell their Amel and Buyers wanting to buy an Amel can post details once every 60 days.  
Share Parts Subgroup: Amel yacht owners wishing to Buy or Sell cruising spares from one another, can post details once every 60 days. 
After posting in either of the subgroups, members can make a short summary post in the main group, advising all members of the Subgroup post...please save the details for the Subgroup posting. We encourage using Amel ( for all your spare parts needs.

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