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About: The Amel Yacht Owners Group is over 20 years old and has over 1,300 active members. It is a Forum where questions and answers are shared. Membership is restricted to Amel Yacht owners (present and past) or those who believe that there is an Amel yacht in their future. The Amel Yacht Owners Group is independent and in no way connected to Chantier Amel, La Rochelle, France ( Anything you post in this group is shared with will all members and will be shared with any Amel owner, any future Amel owner, or any member. Sharing information about our Amels and our experiences makes this a wonderful community where we can help one another. This group is owned and supported by Bill Rouse, author of the Amel Book and owner of Amel Owners Yacht School ( whose mission is to support owners of Amel yachts.

Guidelines: We encourage postings that will genuinely help Amel owners source needed parts and services. We encourage you to support the Amel brand and be respectful of the brand in your postings. 

  1. Please do not post anything that could be considered offensive or derogatory regarding Amel, any Member, or Sponsor.
  2. Please refrain from political issues and rude, or inappropriate language.
  3. Please refrain from criticism of persons or businesses in which you may have experienced unsatisfactory results, because it would be one-sided, without the ability of the other side to respond.
  4. Please register with your given name and please sign postings with your given name. If you currently own an Amel include the boat name, Amel model, and hull number. 
Subgroups - Any Member can join these Subgroups while applying for the main group, or anytime after:
Classic Amels including Santorin, Super Maramu, and A54 account for the majority of Amels produced and owned today. Owners of these models do not have a Subgroup as they make up the majority.
Older Amels especially Sharki, Maramu, Mango, and other older models to CLICK HERE for more info or to join
This subgroup is for older model Amels and especially the over 500 boats made under the models Sharki, Maramu, and Mango. We encourage every owner of these models and other older models to join this Subgroup. The posting rules are the same as the Main Amel Yacht Owners Group
Newer Amels including the A50, A55, and A60 CLICK HERE for more info or to join  
This subgroup is for owners of Amel models newer than Santorin, Super Maramu, and A54. This Subgroup is specifically for the Amel models A55, A50, & A60. We encourage every owner of these models to join this Subgroup. The posting rules are the same as the Main Amel Yacht Owners Group
Amel Yacht Tracking This Opt-In SubGroup was created for those joining the group to be able to see where other Amels are located in the world. CLICK HERE to join. You will be asked for your Amel Model and boat name.
This is a great way to locate Amel owners that are near your current location or your planned location. The tracking is provided by and a subscription to PredictWind is required.  
Yachts For Sale This group is for any owner wanting to sell and any Amel admirer wanting to buy an Amel. CLICK HERE to join. 
  1. Amel yacht owners wanting to sell their Amel and Buyers wanting to buy an Amel can post details once every 60 days.  
  2. We ask that any owner posting in Yachts For Sale make a donation that will be used by the group for expenses. Over 100 currencies are accepted. Click on the DONATION button in the left column on the Amel Yacht Owners Group page. 
  3. After posting in the subgroup, members can make a short summary post in the main group, advising all members of the Subgroup post...please save the details for the Subgroup posting. 
  4. The postings in any subgroup can only be viewed by joining that subgroup (sorry we don't have an option with this). You can join a subgroup and choose NO EMAIL, or other email options.

The postings in any subgroup can only be viewed by joining that subgroup (sorry we don't have an option with this). You can join a subgroup and choose NO EMAIL, or other email options.

Amels that have completed a World Tour (Circumnavigated): Bold = More than once.
 To be added email

SM 387 BeBe 2017 Bill & Judy Rouse   SH #127 Hanoah 2017 Roger Wilson  
SM 419 Sabbatical III 2018 Mark & Laura Pitt   M 121 Libertad 2017 Dennis & Virginia Johns   

SM 428  EUTIKIA 2018 Giovanni&Marina Testa


SM #375 ScentStone 2019 Fred


SM 332 Island Pearl II 2019 Colin & Lauren Streeter  -- A54 #164, Amanin, 2015, Haldun Karagoz  
54 035 CARANGO 2017 Peter and Vicky Forbes   SM 177 Belissima, Sylvie et Rémi BARRE  
54 056 Caduceus 2017 Martin& Elizabeth Bevan  

SM 228 SAOL EILE 2010-2016 Paraic O' Maoilriada & Myra Reid


SM 262 AQUARIUS 2007 while owned by Jemp  

SM 301 JOZ 4 Marie-Noëlle and Michel JERVA - 2012 - 2021


SM 292 Katalu 2006 
SM 292 Quetzal 2014 Francois Dessemonet 
SM 292 
Quetzal 2020 Heinz Stutenbäumer
  SM 183 Rêve de Lune IV - Eva & Jean Luc Raynal 2011 - 2020
A54#40 Bronwyn 2011-2013 Robin Griffith


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