Re: Super Maramu, Volvo TMD22A


hello pagandaisy, Vito, Roy & Toni,
closereach<br><br>To run an engine at full speed is only nescesary for
a turbo charged engine. But I think, Vito and Roy
has given the correct answer. I heard something
similar, but I could not understand it. Thanks for the
answer.<br><br>@ pagandaisy: What exactly is the solenoid? Sorry,
my english ...<br><br>@ Vito: We have the SM #158,
build in the year 1996. Our SM is located in Marina
Bay, Gibraltar and we are living at the Costa del Sol.
If someone wants to know something about this area,
we will gladly answer. <br><br>@ Roy & Toni, we
heard the first time of you from Mr. Jacques Gauthier.
If you see him in Hyres, then say kind regards to
him from us.<br><br>Happy sailing to all of
you<br>Hanspeter & Nathalie

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