Linear drive installation

Patrick McAneny

I thought I would write this post in case someone wanted to install a linear drive in their SM and found it as daunting as I did. I bought a linear drive to install in my SM .I viewed the install, took photos and made templates from a SM that had a factory installed drive.When this fall, I got ready to do the install and contemplated the modifications necessary,and determined I was not willing to cut the boat up, I was ready to put it on ebay. In order to install as per factory, I would have had to cut out a glassed in stringer, fabricate another stringer at an exact angle from center line. cut out the plywood seat that is glassed into the the hull, fabricate a rather large and exactly angled quadrant arm. then install everything maintaining the measurments and angles dictated by Raymarine.( 33 inches pin to pin,14 inch quadrant lenght, 90 degrees angle drive to rudder centered, less than 5 degree above or below quadrant )The work and risk was not worth taking,even though I very much wanted a linear drive on the boat.I then thought of another way to install the drive without all the modifications,a straight quadrant arm and an exact and easy 90 degree angle.I installed the unit under the berth on the port side. I will not go into the details here,but to say the install only took a few hours not including extending the quadrant or fabricating a mahogany box to enclose the quadrant arm. I downloaded photos of the install under Shenanigans.
Pat SM Shenanigans #123

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