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I have a maramu with a Perkins M60 and have also looked at repowering as I have recently bought a new engine for another boat.

I installed a 75 hp yanmar in my non-amel boat and for various reasons kept the old gear box. The engine and box both had SAE4 bell housings so I thought it would be straight forward. However the shaft out the PRM260D box was too long and the damper plate I got didn't match up. After the expense of fabricating a spacer and machining the damper plate all is good but the moral of the story is next time I will get the engine with a gear box already attached. I don't think you can get a yanmar of the shelf with a ZF25 (new version of HBW250) but you can get a ZF30 with 2.7 ratio off the shelf. The ZF30 is similar but rated to a higher HP than the ZF25.

Unless your old gearbox is free of corrosion and is quite new I would recommend renew and try to sell the old one with the old engine. If you get a Cummins or other you should be able to get a suitable vertical offset gearbox such as a ZF25 ZF25H or ZF30.


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I'm looking to replace my Perkins 4.154 engine with a Hurth HBW 250-3R trans with a gear ratio of 2.74 soon and would like your opinion of a couple of options. I know some of you have replaced your motors with the Yanmar 4JH4-TE. Did you replace the transmission at the same time or rebuild your old one? If you purchases a new one, which model did you purchase. My concern at this point is that the dealer I'm working with shows transmissions that have a 7 degree down angle and the one I have has an offset rather then a down angle.

Has anyone used the 75 hp Volvo instead of the Yanmar. Is there an advandage/disadvantage either way?

Thanks for any advise you can provide.

S/V Chara
Hin 173

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