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On SM 209 there is a lock nut at the top that can be used to adjust the hole location and the motor up position.

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Hi everyone:

This is a question for our French experts. I caught a mooring line in my bow thruster as I attempted to raise it and it changed the rigging somewhat. Now the pin does not line up with the hole in the cable end any longer. I have attempted adjusting this at the cable end where it inserts into the main thruster motor, but can't get adequate adjustment. I would like to adjust the up and down limit switches slightly but don't know the abbreviations as labeled. One is labeled "SP" and the other one is labeled "B". I am guessing that "B" is for basse as the electrical diagram indicates a limit switch entitled, "position basse". So I am guessing that adjusting the "B" sensor adjusts the down travel. Howerver, the other limit switch is labeled in the schematics as "position haute". So what does "SP" stand for? I tried adjusting this position of this switch and it didn't seem to make any difference in the travel of the motor.

Has anyone else adjusted the up position for pin allignment and can offer advice.

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM #335

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