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Hallo Gary,

we bought a Parasailor (176m) for the ARC 2009 (double handed with my wife) and used it for five days, some times together with the mizzen balloner. In this time we had true winds between 12 to 28 knots, most times 14 to 20 knots. 20+ to 28 kt was a really hot time, where we reached the end of our LOG (13+kt). We did not use the poles but 4 lines for the Parasailor. All the time the boat was running really well and reached together with the mizzen balloner a boat speed about 50% of the true wind, without balloner about 1-1.5kt less. I had some photos at the forum, but deleted them due to the small place we have. If you are interested I can send some photos and more information to you.

ASHIA, SM2k, #357

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