Re: Annual Haul Out

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Jan 26, 2004

Hi Eric:

I am back in Utah but our boat (Liahona) is at the Woods Marina in
Sea Cow Bay, Tortola (about 2 miles south of Road Town along the
south eastern coast of Tortola). We will be back down there in
March. It is the next bay north of Nanny Cay. We had been on the
hard at Nanny Cay for the hurricane season but they didn't have any
slips available for us upon launching. Jim Woods is an exceptional
marina manager and very accomadating and it was signifcantly cheaper
than Nanny Cay to boot.

I have the fresh air ventilation system but I do not have the diesel

What do you need to check on the rudder screws that you mentioned?

Regards, Gary

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