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Thanks to all, whenever you write you are kind and thorough.

I think I understood that from your actual experience should mount the wind generator above the mizzen-mast. I already have a ready support in stainless steel aisi 316 (I have attached a photo in the album "Red Passion").

Should I have to put rubber between the alluminum mast and stainless steel support to avoid the interaction between different material ? (alluminium and stainless steel).

I have to do the same between generator (alluminium and coated) and stainless steel support?

Best regards, sorry for my bad English (it's not my fault, it's Google!!)


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I have had an Air X on top of the mizzen over 10 years with no problems.
It is quieter and the wind is better at the top. Why don't you want it

Miles Bidwell, S/Y Ladybug, sm216

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