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There is no kit for this. Buy some 3/8 inch stainless or aluminum rod and some one inch flat metal to match. Measure your hatch and get a welder to put the flat steel cut about 2 inches long on each end with 2 mounting holes iin each end. Put 2 on each hatch. You should use a star headed screws for mounting the bars. Keep a screw driver in the bow and the stern in case of fire. The reason fot the star heads is that few burglars would carry a screw driver to fit it. I lock myself in, even while I'm back home on my beloved Chesapeake Bay. Why would anyone go to a third world Country and leave their front door and windows wide open. I have pictures of my main hatch grill. They are 1/4 inch flat aluminum, They are on the site. John "Moon Dog" SM 248

Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 15:16:29 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Hatchway locker

Hello everybody,

can anyone tell me where I can buy the kit in stainless steel for placement on the hatch as theft deterrence?

I saw it on some amel boat picture. It is made by two stainless steel small blocks with round hole, one on each side of the hatchway (fixed on the fiberglass), and then, I presume, an horizontal stainless steel bar.
I hope my english description is clear enough.

I was also looking for the disk in polished stainless steel with Mr. Amel signature, to put in the center of the steering wheel.

I contacted Amel, sending them the pictures but they told me that those parts are no more available.

Thanks for help.

Fabio (Milan-Italy)

Santorin ketch #28

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