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I have a Mango, the ancestor to the SM.
My Amel is an electric boat. I did a complete revamping of the electric circuits and do a regular maintenance of what needs to be checked.
The boat has done many crossings with a short crew, using only the NECO electric autopilot.
In 2005, I added a Autohelm 7000 with the electric power drive connected directly on one of the arms fixed above the rudder (under the aft berth), because in the previous crossing, one of the Morse type cable controlling the rudder, broke and the crew had to use the emergency tiller for a few days, before arriving in Gibraltar.
In 2007, after sailing the Med, I did a crossing from Las Palmas to Martinique, in the rought weather of February with a friend. The Autohelm did almost all the steering. I would say we held the helm for less than 2 hours in 18 days and, with huge cross swells comming from the North Atlantic, we kept the same pace as a large modern catamaran that had a larger crew that was also crossing and going towards Trinidad.
Conclusion: two electrical Autopilots are a secured choice.
On my previous boat I installed a Sailomat autopilot and it gave me so much trouble, I sold it... 
Serge V/Opera  Mango#51

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thanks for your answer that, unfortunately, confirms the information from other sources.

We plan to run the ARC two-handed, so the issue of autopilot can be a serious one.

Fair winds
Fernando & Daniela
sm Nefeli

On 27 Feb 2012, at 12:46, Ivan Campbell wrote:

Hello Fernando and Daniela

I did the ARC in 2010 in Ocean Hobo an Amel Santorin. I fitted a Hydrovane
before leaving. We worked hard balancing the sails and in certain winds were
able to steer a course which was probably less than satisfactory.

In St Lucia I met an owner who had fitted the Hydrovane to an Amel 53 but
could not get it to work. Eventually an engineer from Hydrovane came to his
home port before he left for the Arc and did his best to make the vane work
to no avail. They had to take the Hydrovane back and refund his money.

The Hydrovane people are very good and helpful and great people to deal
with. I know other owners who have Hydrovanes fitted on non Amel boats and
they swear by them. It may be an issue with Amels underwater shape.

We had a great start from Las Palmas hand steering with the hydrovane
disconnected but other smaller boats were passing us. I discovered that the
paddle of the unit was causing drag even when out of gear. I removed it and
we caught and passed lots of boats. On a calm day we removed the whole
Hydrovane structure ,rebuilt it and fitted it again at sea. We got rid of
most of the drag so this seemed to have been an installation problem.

However the steering was not what you should expect.

Hope this is helpful.

Fair winds

Ivan Campbell

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Hallo everybody,

let us introduce ourselves: we are the new owners of the Supermaramu #38
We subscribed to the forum two months ago and we have appreciated it very

Nefeli is presently in the north of the Adriatic Sea and we are preparing
her for the ARC 2012.

We contacted the Chantiers Amel for a copy of the Supermaramu Manuals and
they quickly have sent us what they had available: the Manuals of the
Supermaramu 2000.
Does anybody have copies of the old manuals?

We read that some of you have already took part in the ARC. We would
appreciate any tip on the preparation of the boat.
Had any of you got a positive experience with windvanes?

Thanks in advance and fair winds,

Fernando & Daniela


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