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We have used the AM/FM radio antenna in combination with the AIS receiver for 3 years with very good results. I connected the AIS receiver to the radio antenna by cutting the antenna wire near the AM/FM radio and reconnecting using a BNC "T" connector and "screw on BNC connectors on the coax.

I do not have any interference on the AM/FM radio...however, this was an AIS receiver only, not a transmitter/receiver.

If you only use the AM/FM radio while in port, my suggestion is to buy a short rubber antenna for the AM/FM and place it inside the equipment drawer, then use the existing AM/FM antenna for your AIS. To do this you will have to purchase an adapter from AM/FM radio plug to BNC plug, or you may have to cut the coax and install a BNC connector...there are two types: one type of BNC connector is crimped on, the other is screwed on.

If it works for you, please let me know as one of our next purchases is a Class B AIS Transponder.

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Hi everybody, I have to move the AIS (receiver and transmitter) antenna from the mizzen mast (following your advice, i'm planning to install here the wind generator :) ).

Where do you have install the AIS antenna (rx and tx)? Can I use the cable of stereo hi-fi, that have its antenna on the main mast (replacing only the antenna)?

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