Re: [Amel] Music radio antenna

I put my antenna on the mizzen, it is very important that it is high
over sea level.
I am in Cap d'Agde, and I capture the boats across the
Mediterranean(Tunisia) !
For your TV cable it is possible to use it. But regarding that the most
difficultys is to climb high in the morning, I would put a new cable
with low losses (very cheep).
Jluc on CottonBay
good winds

Jean-Luc MERTZ
/Tout est possible dans un monde infini/

Le 29/02/2012 18:49, ferruccilorenzo a écrit :

Hi everybody, I have to move the AIS (receiver and transmitter)
antenna from the mizzen mast (following your advice, i'm planning to
install here the wind generator :) ).

Where do you have install the AIS antenna (rx and tx)? Can I use the
cable of stereo hi-fi, that have its antenna on the main mast
(replacing only the antenna)?

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