Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
I have purchased an AIS Icom MA-500 TR ( GPS in box) and a splitter class B Easy Split to use with VHF- Furuno antenna on the mast.
You may see how it works
from the maker :

" the easySplit_OCB works as follows:

_Splitter OFF_:

VHF Radio is direct connected with the VHF aerial

A connected AIS-transponder won't be able to receive and transmit, but
no damage to it.

_Splitter ON_:

*CASE: VHF Radio and AIS transponder are receiving*:

·The received VHF signals (both: VHF FM communication and AIS telegrams)
are split into the two path; one to the VHF Radio, one to the AIS

*CASE: VHF radio is transmitting (Push to talk is pressed)*

·VHF radio is direct connected to the VHF antenna

·AIS transponder is disconnected from the antenna; if AIS transponder is
transmitting, the signal is absorbed inside the splitter.

*CASE: VHF Radio is receiving, AIS transponder is transmitting*

·The AIS transponder is direct connected to the VHF antenna for the
short time, the transponder is transmitting (approx. 26msec)

·In that time, the VHF Radio is disconnected from the antenna

·If the VHF radio starts transmitting during the transmission of the AIS
transponder, the VHF radio is automatically connected to the antenna,
the AIS transponder is disconnected. This is for safety reasons ."

The solution was suggested from a professional : with many PDF to better understand.
by Antonio Pezzoni cell . 3386003328 ,good english.

I have seen it working properly on other boat and I 'm testing it at home ( Venezia ) . So I can see my " boat" over my roof on : ;- ))) !
I'll install it on board very soon in April when again in Raiata.
Buon Vento
Gianni TESTA

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