Re: [Amel] Wind generator - photos - plans

Jose Venegas


As we prepare Ipanema for a transatlantic passage, I have just ordered the Superwind generator and will be installing on top of the mast as you did. Just a few questions:

How long did you make the tube?

Is your tube Stainless or Aluminum?

Where did you drilled the hole to pass the cables into the mast?

Did you tap threads on the mast head?

What type of connectors did you use for the cables from the solar pannels?

If you had a picture it would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Ipanema SM 2K 278

--- In amelyachtowners@..., Danny and Yvonne SIMMS <simms@...> wrote:

Hi Bob, it is on top of the mast secured by four bolts through a base plate to which the upright tube is welded with strengthening gussetts. The top of the mast is large enough without modification. We put a hard rubber 4 or 5 ml thick sheet between the plate and the mast to avoid vibration and that has proved completely adequate.Quite simply we never hear it at all.  As to the option of front of mast, I would not consider that as the top is so good and front of mast brings a set of issues.
We are very pleased with the set up, combined with two 130 watt solar panels on the port side rail beside the stern cabin we can liveaboard and seldom need the gen set.. Another great advantage is that Ocean Pearl is on a mooring with a fridge left on and the batteries are always fully charged, good for battery life. 

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