george cerillo

When we were researching how to correctly install (put up) the Shade Tree boat cover that came with Indecent, we utilized the photos from SM2K Bel Ami. Bel Ami's Shade Tree Boat Cover has an entirely different configuration then the one that came with Indecent when we bought her. No matter how we arranged the cover, we could not get the Shade Tree on Indecent to cover bow and stern. As neither the Shade Tree nor the mesh pieces came with any information, we were pretty much on our own. We contacted Shade Tree and basically we were told "One size fits most".
We finally thought outside the box and this is how we believe the cover should installed. The center pieces of mesh also came with the boat when we bought her and we couldn't figure out what they were for, this seems to be one possible explanation. Headroom is excellent and the poles that attach to the stainless steel rails are very durable even in winds of 20+ knots. The Shade Tree cover is a light gray color, the other white pieces are from Amel and the mesh is something the previous owner had made.

Photos can be found under SHADE TREE BOAT COVER

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