Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sails for Amel Sharki

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Dear Mr. Duddy,

The sailmaker with the most experience by far making Amel sails here in the
U.S.A. is Peter Grimm Jr. He is partnered in the local Doyle loft here in
Fort Lauderdale, but can build private label sails that are, to my seasoned
and terminally thrifty eye, the best sails for the money available anywhere.
Peter ships sails to our clients world wide and to the best of my knowledge,
has yet to have an unresolved complaint. He's very good. You can trust
him. He will give you my discount, 20%. Can't beat it.

You can reach Peter at: or phone: 1(954) 462-3695.
Hope this helps.

Joel F. Potter
Super Maramu, Hull #400 "MARY BROWN"

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Is anyone familiar with sail makers who have made sails for a Sharki
in the
New England (U.S.A.) area? I would like to contact them. Thanks for your

Roy Duddy
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