Efector Anchor Chain Counter Sensor

george cerillo

Has anyone sourced the Efector Anchor Chain Counter Sensor part #1B5076 IB-3020-BNKG? I have a photo of the inoperative part posted http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amelyachtowners/photos/album/2109031520/pic/163172518/view?picmode=&mode=tn&order=ordinal&start=1&count=20&dir=asc

under ANCHOR CHAIN COUNTER SENSOR. I contacted a US distributor for Efector parts http://www.ifm.com/ifmus/web/mailstart.htm and was advised they no longer made this part. The replacement part is a bit longer and has a plug in adapter that you wire in with an additional cable that must be purchased. From Efector US cost for part is $130 and cable $18USD. Has anyone tried anything different? Does anyone know how long a ife the replacement part has? Thanks so much,

George and Kim
SM2K #353 Indecent

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