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George & Kim:

I replaced my chain counter sensor a couple of years ago after it failed at the 9 year mark. I happened to be in Guadeloupe at the time and Pochon (Amel's electronics service company) in Guadeloupe had the sensor in stock. I don't know if Pochon moved to Martinique when Amel moved there or if they are still in Guadeloupe. Perhaps they still have some stock of the original sensor. Might be worth an internet search and a quick call.

Do you have the part number of the replacement sensor as quoted by Efector? Also the part number of the cable? That would be helpful. In looking at the Efector site they make a huge number of various inductive sensors, perhaps we could look at the specification sheets for the various models and find one that would work and fit WITHIN the current housing without extending beyond the housing. If you are on your boat perhaps you could measure the diameter and overall length of the housing (the black plastic tube on the side of the windlass into which the inductive sensor fits). Thanks for the effort and posting whatever you find out for the rest of us out here.

Gary Silver
Amel SM 2000 # 335

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Has anyone sourced the Efector Anchor Chain Counter Sensor part #1B5076 IB-3020-BNKG? I have a photo of the inoperative part posted

under ANCHOR CHAIN COUNTER SENSOR. I contacted a US distributor for Efector parts and was advised they no longer made this part. The replacement part is a bit longer and has a plug in adapter that you wire in with an additional cable that must be purchased. From Efector US cost for part is $130 and cable $18USD. Has anyone tried anything different? Does anyone know how long a ife the replacement part has? Thanks so much,

George and Kim
SM2K #353 Indecent

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