Re: [Amel] Fresh water pump pressure problem

Patrick McAneny

Martin, If your system has a water tank, the tank should have a head of air
in which is compressed and supplies pressure when you open your faucet.
When the pressure drops a bit then the pump comes on to restore pressure. If
the tank has lost its head of air then the tank is waterbound and the
pressure will drop immediately and the pump will come on the second you open a
faucet. My house has a well and a old cold water storage tank. The tank
loses its head and the pump cycles on and off, until I pump air back into the
tank, I have to do this a couple times a year. If you have a tank it
probably has an air blatter in it.There may or may not be a valve the restore the
lost air.

Pat SM #123

In a message dated 3/11/2012 10:31:29 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

After 5 years of faultless service the fresh water pump on our Amel 54 #56
has decided to misbehave; and that just as we are about to leave Fort
Lauderdale after weeks spent sorting out other issues. An anyone advise where
the problem may be.

The pressure in the water system stays constant at the usual level and is
maintained at that level over a period of time, i.e. there are no apparent
leaks. When a faucet is opened the pump starts to cut in and out as if
working on demand, instead of drawing on the receiver until the pressure drops
and then recharging the receiver. I would assume that it is the pressure
switch but would be grateful to know if anyone else has seen this problem.

If it is the pressure switch does anyoner know what a suitable replacement
sourceable in the USA might be.

Martin Bevan
Caduceus 54 #56
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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