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Hello Stefano, Magnetronic superseded the 4000 model with the 6000 which has the option to also include the main engine battery voltage reading. We discovered the 4000 was providing incorrect readings, possibly due to the age of 14years. Magnetronic will repair your old unit or you can purchase the new 6000 model. Your old shunt will not need replacing. We opted to purchase a new 6000 and it works well. Before you do anything, check your batteries but it sounds like the unit could be faulty. Try resetting it first by following the instructions.

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Barry and Robyn
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Hello Stefano,
Check with local battery shops to find one that has a modern electronic battery tester and have them come to test the batteries one by one and then if they are all nearing end of life replace the lot.
This is expensive but makes for more peace of mind. You will probably have to reset the battery monitor, there are fuses in each line to the meter and these are just above the main battery switches. See the manual, one has to be connected before the other one, I am not on my boat at the moment so I cannot tell you which one it is!

Happy charging, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319

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Hy, my hull is 195 of SM. On the magnetronic for battery control system I'm reading 236 ah,59% and 27v. CAP and MEM flashing. That is after 6days with no charge and 2ah use,AND 6days of continous charge. Batterys Are over or I can do anything? Thanks for any suggestion
Stefano from n'everest dry in olbia

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