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Eric, the light is on the left of the stair,where is the sea-water filter alarm.

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I had this once on my SM. I assume that the light turns red only when
you operate the test switch to either the + or - setting?
Yes, it became red only when I switch to the "mass -"

It means that
you have an electrolysis path somewhere in the boat. In my case it was
caused by a leaking seal on the aft Jabsco toilet flush motor, the salt
water causing a circuit within the motor. A simple test would be to lift
the covers off both the motors and disconnect the wires. (They are
attached through spade connectors). If this stops the light coming on,
then that's your problem.
I'm going to test it

Of course it could be elsewhere. Try isolating
items with circuit breakers, such as the windlass, furling motors etc
till you find it.
Are you sure if I switch off the circuit braker the light will be turn off?

My bet is on the toilet motors!

I will let you know :)
Thanks a lot

By the way I have successfully converted my toilets to fresh water. More
and pictures when I get a moment to upload them.


Ian SM 414 Crusader

On 25/03/2012 01:01, ferruccilorenzo wrote:

Does anyone could suggest me how can I find the reason why the "masse
-" tester light is red?
The light turn off only if batteries (6 months life) are cut off.
Nothing happen if I switch off the buttons on 24V panel.
Thanks to all!
Lorenzo SM 420 Red Passion

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