Amel single handed sailors-Disasters waiting to happen


Dear Fellow Amel Owners, Jean-Jacques LEMMONIER and Joel Potter

As an extremely happy buyer of an Amel for the past 30 months I am dismayed with the comments from one of our Amel family owners. My Amel is masterfully built. There is no comparison in value between an Amel and any other yacht even twice the price! The factory has no equal in quality and workmanship. I have been treated more than fairly by every Amel Company person and representative. That is Amel's reputation and I do not like seeing it damaged.

Actually I am shocked that any reasonable Amel owner would consider sailing an Amel singlehandedly anywhere any time except moving it around his own marina for service or repair. I am embarrased that one of our Amel owners would air his exploits and foolish sailing activities as a singlehander and expect the Amel people to be happy with him. I certainly am not. I would tell him to his face if I ever see him.

It is common knowledge that it is not good seamanship to sail any boat without a proper lookout at all times. It is frowned upon by the US Coast Guard and all insurance companies that I know of will NOT INSURE SINGLE HANDED SAILORS for hull damage for bluewater cruising. Amels are for couples to cruise not singles.

I have personally seen in the past six months the damage and idiocy of singlehanded Amel sailors. They have trouble anchoring, entering and leaving moorings and slips and push their rigs to distruction because they have a "first year warranty" on every dumb thing they do.

It is my suggestion to Amel that they immediately put an exclusion in their "first year warranty" that any Amel being sailed one handed at any time during the first year any damage,loss or breakdown of ANY piece of equipment not be honored by the factory! In addition Amel should cease from selling any new Amel to anyone who indicates in any way that their new Amel will be sailing single handedly the first year.

I feel that Amel has been taken advantage of by too many buyers who are now sailing singlehandedly and doing damage unnecessarily to Amel's reputation and to the resale values to all our Amels by abusing their boats.

"Thank you" to all you interested Amel owners who have taken the time to read this letter. I hope you agree and let Amel know of your support and ideas on this singlehanded sailor problem.


Byron Henderson
Sailslady Super Maramu 2000 Hull #340

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