advice needed - above or below 15 meters LOA

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Dear all

We are writing to you to ask for advice concerning the pros and cons
of owning a yacht, which is larger than 15 meters LOA.

As we suppose you know, European laws, and in our case Danish laws,
with regards yachts > 15 meters are pretty strict. To sail within
Europe we must have a Yacht Captain 3 exam, to sail outside European
waters a Yacht Captain 1. Pantaeneus Insurance informs us that should
an accident happen and we do not have the required papers, the
insurance will formally not cover, however informally it might (the
actual decision will depend on the type of accident. This also means
that to sail in, for example, the Carribean there must at all times
be a captain on board with the Yacht Captain 1 and a second person
onboard with at least a Yacht Captain 3. In all other cases the rules
are violated and the insurance might not cover.

There are no such requirements for yachts < 15 meters

So be it, we would ofcourse get the required exams should we buy the
Mango we currently are looking at. However our concerns do not stop
there. We have been told that harbour prices become much more
expensive as soon as the yacht is > 15 meters. Is this true? And what
about the ongoing costs of maintaining a Mango? How much should we
roughly count on spending on ordinary maintenance?

Basically what we are unclear about is whether the extra 6 feet the
Mango has on the Maramu are worth the extra bother, rules, red tape
and costs. Given that we would use the yacht for blue water cruising
and hopefully long trips to far away places, we have these following
questions in mind:

Is the living space in the Mango that much larger than in a Maramu?
Is the comfort - both the day to day living comfort as well as the
sailing experience - better in the Mango?
Are there other particular issues with having a yacht > 15 meters,
which we should know about and consider?
Essentially is the Mango that much better than the Maramu that all
the extra hassle is well worth it?

We fully realise that we are asking questions that only can be
answered subjectively. However we would appreciate your opinions,
thoughts and knowledge as we are only beginning to venture into the
world of blue water cruising and have therefore very little practical
experience with these matters.

Kindest regards and safe winds,

Christina and Lars

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