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My main gripe is that when people hit the reply button to address the subject and even if the subject has changed, they keep the subject title in the e-mail. When many e-mails were sent about the red light it soon got on the toilet problem. When there was a problem getting the macerator housing off the toilet, I replied with a suggestion but I changed the subject to macerator housing before I hit the send button. So if someone researches macerator housing hopefully that e-mail will pop up. So I think if we take a few seconds to look at the subject and make sure that what you are saying directly relates to the subject, then fine, if not change the thing, we can always go back to the original subject. Hope I make sense... I know nothing about computers. John "Moon Dog" SM248

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:33:00 +0000
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Let me attempt to answer your question. I think it is a very good question. Since joining this group, I have really gotten a lot from the group and very much appreciate it.

Regarding your question, I own another Yahoo Group (Circumnavigation Group). I can tell you that Yahoo Groups are free, require no administration, and more importantly, they are one-way, which is the Yahoo way. There is another option which is Google Groups, however, they are identical to Yahoo Groups.

In order to set up a site that would do things better and different, someone would be required to be an administrator; someone would have to purchase software and purchase server space. And, if they did not have a sponsor to pay for all of this, it would require payment by the individual which could possibly be off-set by advertising and membership dues. This all becomes complicated unless there is someone that devotes much of his time and money to the project. Most of us are devoting most of our time to enjoying our Amels.

I wish that there was a simple answer to your question, but unfortunately there is not one that I am aware of.

We all could be more organized with what we have. For instance, we could all place the model and hull# in all of our postings. Many of us have asked for this, but??? We could all do a better job of organizing photos. There are over 800 members. Can you imagine if each member had 1 or more photo albums? Some have multiple photo albums and with no method to search these by Yahoo...forget about it! Some of the members have suggested/requested that the individual owners post photos into "category" albums such as "Yanmar Engine," etc.

I hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387

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When I came into this group, I always found people kind, helpful and very knowledgeable and have never read barren and useless controversy, as often happens on the internet.

Why do not we create a forum? (There is one beautiful on Amel Voiliers, but I unfortunately do not speak French - )
The subjects were divided into categories, thus more easily searchable, you may add images directly in the text ...

Is there any expert to tell us something?

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