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Giovanni TESTA

HI Kent,
I have put a new photo " AMEL_C DRIVE " in "AMEL GENERAL" folder.
I took this photo when I was to visit AMEL in La Rochelle.( 2003)
I hope that it may..."not"... help you.
Buon Vento

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Hi, all,
I have what I think is a big problem and need some advice. While sailing from Puerto Rico to Turks & Caicos, I was motoring in light air at 2100 rpm when there was a loud "clunk" then loud clanking/grinding noise. The helmsman immediately put the drive in neutral and all those aweful noises stopped. It was 4 AM so we couldn't see if there was anything in the water we might have hit. I looked below and found nothing wrong that I could see, and tried putting it back in gear. The transmission appeard to engage and the drive shaft coming out of the transmission started turning, no noise, but it appeared that we had no prop. The transmission outdrive stopped turning in neutral and turned backward in reverse. There is no water in the sail drive reservoir and there has been no loss of oil. We sailed back to PR where George and Kim Cerillo met us. George dove on the prop and found it intact. It turned freely even though the transmission was in gear.

Soooooo. It appears that I have broken something in the prop drive unit (or C drive, or Sail Drive, or what ever it's called) I don't have any drawings of the unit that show me what the parts are or if there is anything that might be designed to give way to protect the unit if something was hit. Has anyone had to deal with anything like this? Does anyone have drawnings of the C drive unit? Any suggestions? I think I'll pull the top off the unit and look to see what I can see today, maybe I'll get lucky and it will be something easy...but I doubt it.

I am in Ponce Yacht/Fishing Club in PR where they have a travel lift that can pull me out if necessary.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me.
SM 243

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