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Hi Steve, I have noticed the same, you are not unique. But so far we have had no water to dispose of from there. Good to see your post. Just yesterday Yvonne and I were wondering where you were and how you were getting along. We are back home in NZ with Ocean Pearl on the mooring in front of our house. Hope to get back to the pacific islands soon. If you like email us on simms@xtra.co.nz
Danny and Yvonne
SM 299 Ocean Pearl
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Subject: [Amel] Water Under Salon Floor

I've had two instances where a considerable amount of water has accumulated in the storage compartments under the floor of the salon in my SM. One was due to the air conditioning unit freezing up and dumping condensation water into it. The other was a heavy rain squall with the middle hatch left open.

What I've discovered, is there is no way for any of that water to drain into the bilge so it can be pumped overboard. It will continue to rise until it literally starts to cover the salon floor, soaking everything stored under there in the process. I've looked everywhere for a plugged drain hole or closed drain valve. It's just a big tub under there. There are hoses running through this area, which carry drain water from the chain locker, forward cabin and shower to the bilge sump, but nothing to drain the salon area itself.

Am I missing something here? I can't believe AMEL would design it that way on purpose, or forget to install it on an individual boat. It would be easy enough for me to splice into the forward hose where it goes through the bulkhead into the engine room, and put a shut-off valve on it so it maintains the integrity between the water-tight doors. Before I do that though, how does everyone else deal with getting rid of water under the main salon other than bailing it out with a pail and a sponge?

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SM 340
Summer Love

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