Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel single handed sailors-Disasters waiting to happen

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Dear Byron,

thank you for your thoughts. Your opinion differs to mine, and indeed that
of Joel Potter. Joel actually has said in his advertisements "Single handing
is a cinch". I agree with him on that. The Super Maramu is a superb boat,
and as you rightly say, very well equipped. You are right also in that there
is no better value on the market. The electric furling, remote anchoring
controls, power winches, bow thruster, electric windlass, excellent radar
and general security make it an ideal single handed boat.

I do not see why being single handed should affect anchoring at all? Can you
explain this further? How many people does it take to survey the area then
operate the switch? I further fail to see how being single handed pushes
the rig to destruction? It only takes one to handle the sail plan. As Joel
says, it's a cinch. I have never had a single problem with Amel's electric
furling system. Sail can be reduced in seconds, and any prudent single
hander will always err on the side of being under canvassed. Even short
tacking is easy to accomplish when using the superb autopilot.

Amel's docking system and the bow thruster also make leaving the dock
straight forwards too. Sure, sometimes you need to devise methods of casting
off the last line from the cockpit, but it can be done. I don't think that I
have ever encountered a problem in a marina. In fact most times, there are
people there only too willing to give a hand. If not, call the marina and
ask for help. But as I have said, I much prefer to anchor off where I can.
More breeze, less chance of theft and much more economical when you are on
board 365 days a year!

Regarding keeping watch, I agree with you that it is desirable to have
someone in the cockpit at all times, but I will say that many a time the
radar has picked up traffic well before I have seen it with my eyes. The
alarm has never failed to get my attention either.

It is not my intention to deliberately sail single handed Byron. It just
works out that way from time to time when crew have other commitments. I
would love to sail as a couple, but had my wife have liked sailing
...............! Familiar story?

I don't think that a warranty ban on single handed operation would do Amel
any favours. A Joel says, the fact that the boat can be handled by one, is
in my view, a very good testimony to its design. Even as a couple, I am sure
that you don't wake your partner when it comes to reefing or tacking? Even
couples are sailing in effect single handed during night watches.

Byron, the Super Maramu 2000 is a great boat. I have no hesitation in
keeping my boat despite what has happened. My only beef is that I have been
given the run around when there has been a proven lapse in quality.



PS I have deleted the original text as I know that those downloading by sat
phone do no wish to increase their charges unnecessarily.

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