Re: [Amel] C Drive Broken

Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
I have moved the picture " C_DRIVE by AMEL " from first page, folder "General", to second page, folder " Amel SM Transmission/C-Drive "
Buon Vento
Gianni Testa

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Subject: Re: [Amel] C Drive Broken

Hi Gianni:

That is a great picture of the C drive. Might I suggest you post it again in the folder:

Amel SM Transmission C-Drive in the second page of folders. This will allow it to be more easily accesses under a meaningful file name in the future. Thanks again for the post.

Gary Silver
sv Liahona
Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

--- In, "Giovanni Testa" <gtesta23@...> wrote:
> HI Kent,
> I have put a new photo " AMEL_C DRIVE " in "AMEL GENERAL" folder.
> I took this photo when I was to visit AMEL in La Rochelle.( 2003)
> I hope that it may..."not"... help you.
> Buon Vento
> Gianni
> sv EUTIKIA SM 428

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