Re: Odor under aft toilet cabinet

Craig Briggs

I agree with "Bebe Bill" that it's usually the hose becoming permeated with odor. Following is from a post I made a couple of years ago - it's still odor free after 7 years!

"On my Santorin I replaced all the hose with rigid PVC piping and used flexible rubber couplings to the thruhull, toilet, tank & Y-valve to handle vibration & any movement. It works great, was easy to install (just cut and glue) and NEVER smells. Inexpensive and readily available at Home Depot or hardware. Use standard 1 1/2" pipe (Schedule 40(thick-wall)), elbows as needed and 1 1/2-to- 1 1/4 rubber connectors to toilet & thruhulls with stainless hose clamps.

I run muriatic (aka hydrocholoric) acid through it periodically to disolve salt buildup -(which works with hose, too.) Did it 5 years ago - still pristine."
Good luck,
Craig Briggs - SN#68 "SANGARIS"

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