Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] advice needed - above or below 15 meters LOA

cjcolclough <cjcolclough@...>

Dear Luiz - dear all

Firstly thank you for your replies to us - they are very helpful. The
Mango we are looking at was originally Amel's own. It has therefore
some extra specs, which are worth looking at. Most importantly it has
a bow thruster, a 100 hp engine and electric furling.

We originally wanted to ask the group what their opinions on the
difference between a Maramu (not a Super Maramu) and a Mango are.
Especially because the Maramu is below 15 meters LOA and therefore
not subject to the same legal conditions as both the SM and the Mango.

However, going back to your latest email. We are slightly unclear
about your average expenditure. Do you mean that you EVERY YEAR spend
5-8% of the boat's value on maintenance? This sounds like a lot to
us - and pretty worrying in the long run.

Basically our concern with buying the Mango is whether we will end up
with a yacht that costs far more to keep and use than a Maramu, at
the same time as it offers only slightly more volume and comfort.

Again thank you all for any thoughts on these matters,

best regards,
christina and lars/ Denmark

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