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Eric Lindholm <etlindholm@...>

My Maramu has a drain to the engine bilge that can be plugged, or not. I got
water into the interior bilge from a fresh water leak and could not believe
there wasn't a drain to the general engine bilge. In any event I unplugged the
drain and I have never had any issues with bilge or engine odors in the salon.
If it became a problem I was going to run a hose from the drain down to the
bottom of the bilge, (weighed down with a brass pick up usually used to suck up
water), in the engine room which usually has several inches of water in it at
all times. The end of the hose would be under water and odors should not come up
it. I haven't had to do this yet.

Eric Maramu 105

From: svsummerlove <>
Sent: Sat, March 31, 2012 7:16:00 PM
Subject: [Amel] Re: Water Under Salon Floor

I'm not sure how it's possible to "flood the boat" by putting a T-fitting into a
hose that's open at both ends anyway. Even if I did leave the valve open by
mistake, the most water that could spill out of it would be from the forward
shower, and that maximum could only be 260 gallons in the unlikely event someone
drained the entire fresh water tank taking a shower. Even then, that's assuming
that all of the water spilled into the main cabin bilge, and not a single drop
flowed the direct path to the engine room bilge for pump out. And it still
wouldn't increase the weight of the water inside the boat anyway, since all it
did was transfer the same water from one tank to another.

SM 340
Summer Love

--- In, Richard03801 <richard03801@...> wrote:

If you tee those lines be very very sure to do it with a one way valve or
you'll flood the boat. There is really no good way to drain those lockers. Best
to keep the water out to start with.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

On Mar 31, 2012, at 11:01, "svsummerlove" <svsummerlove@...> wrote:

Good point... but if thats the case, the same odors and mold should invade
the forward and aft cabins via the existing drain hoses between the engine room
bulkhead and the shower sumps and galley. If I tap into that same drain hose
with a T-fitting and put a shut-off valve/strainer on it, I should have no more
odor problems than I have now, even if I left the valve open all the time. If I
do as Bill suggests, and also install a water alarm beside the T-fitting, I'd
know if water was even accumulating there and put a stop to it before it does
any damage.

SM 340
Summer LOve

--- In, Richard03801 <richard03801@> wrote:

Hi the simple answer is that with an open port to the engine room the odors
and mold would invade the boat.

Regards SM 209 for sale in Annapolis

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

On Mar 31, 2012, at 10:35, "svsummerlove" <svsummerlove@> wrote:

Thanks Eric. I think those would be great as spares.

I'm still wondering why the water doesn't drain into the engine room
bilge by design though. It's a lot easier to have the bilge pump and its
automatic float switch taking care of the water, than having to rig up a
stand-by system when needed. Unless one is constantly checking under the salon
floor for the water level, or has installed alarm switches like Bill on Bebe, it
probably wouldn't be apparent until the water got above the floor.

SM 340
Summer Love

--- In, Sailormon <kimberlite@> wrote:

I keep a very large Edson Diaphragm pump in the bilge in front of the
sink along with its hoses, I also keep an electric 24 volt ,3200GPH pump with
hoses and electrical cable with battery clips attached in an adjoining bilge.
These would be my pumps to use in an emergency.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


[] On Behalf Of svsummerlove
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: [Amel] Water Under Salon Floor

Thanks for the reply and the tip for using the wet vac Richard.

As I said in my original post, I already know where the water came
from. I just have to be alert enough to realize it's accumulating there before
it creates a mess. The air conditioner managed to dump about 40-50 gallons into
every compartment under there before I realized what was happening. The water
was within 3" of the floorboards at the companionway. At least it was clean
fresh water, but it soaked all my spares.

My biggest concern right now is that I have a boat with no way to pump
water out of the main cabin in case of a hull breach. Any hole in the middle
section of the hull, or any failure of a hatch or port in the right conditions,
and I'll have sea water pouring into an area that can't be pumped out. The only
way to get that water to the bilge pump is to open up one of the water-tight
doors and wait until the level is high enough to pour over the sill into one of
the shower stalls. By that time, it will be high enough to be sloshing all over
the 24VDC to 12VDC converters under the nav station, which supply power to ALL
the electronics. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of... a boat with no
way for incoming sea water to drain naturally into the bilge. I have no doubt
AMEL has a logical reason for designing it this way. I just can't figure out
what it is right now.

Does anyone else have any idea why it's been designed this way.

Summer Love

--- In
<> , Richard03801 <richard03801@> wrote:

Hi the most likely leak is from the companion way. There is a rubber
seal on the cockpit side that is the likely problem. Or you may have over filed
the water tank. On the Maramu there was a plug that could BE removed to drain
the area. There has never been a post that I can recall about floating
floorboards. When you do get water under there a shop/water vac does the job
very well.

Regards and good luck SM209 for sale in Annapolis.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

On Mar 29, 2012, at 19:57, "svsummerlove" <svsummerlove@> wrote:

I've had two instances where a considerable amount of water has
accumulated in the storage compartments under the floor of the salon in my SM.
One was due to the air conditioning unit freezing up and dumping condensation
water into it. The other was a heavy rain squall with the middle hatch left

What I've discovered, is there is no way for any of that water to
drain into the bilge so it can be pumped overboard. It will continue to rise
until it literally starts to cover the salon floor, soaking everything stored
under there in the process. I've looked everywhere for a plugged drain hole or
closed drain valve. It's just a big tub under there. There are hoses running
through this area, which carry drain water from the chain locker, forward cabin
and shower to the bilge sump, but nothing to drain the salon area itself.

Am I missing something here? I can't believe AMEL would design it
that way on purpose, or forget to install it on an individual boat. It would be
easy enough for me to splice into the forward hose where it goes through the
bulkhead into the engine room, and put a shut-off valve on it so it maintains
the integrity between the water-tight doors. Before I do that though, how does
everyone else deal with getting rid of water under the main salon other than
bailing it out with a pail and a sponge?

Many thanks,

SM 340
Summer Love

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