Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] advice needed - above or below 15 meters LOA

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Dear Christina & Lars,

whilst I try to avoid marinas wherever possible, I have noticed that some
marinas tend to bracket the rates per metre (or foot) according to overall
length. There is often a 15M changeover point from one rate per unit of
length to a slightly higher one. In other words, if you can afford a bigger
boat, then you can afford to pay more per metre for a berth. I don't know
the exact length of the Mango, but the Super Maramu is 15.98 metres (I
think). So when I have faced this problem, sometimes by saying it's 15
metres and a bit, the marina has accepted me at the up to 15 metre rate.
It's worth a try, though within Europe they often want to see the
certificate of registration too, and the overall length will be clearly

Originally I was going to buy a Santorin which was 14 metres in length, but
Amel stopped producing them. I am glad that I ended up with a Super Maramu
as the extra storage space has proven very useful as a live aboard. I am
sure too that the boat is more sea kindly in rough weather too apart from
the extra equipment that makes life more comfortable on board. I believe
that Amel told me that there is 50% more volume in the SM which all equates
to better living space.

I have no first hand experience of either the Maramu or the Mango other than
a social visit on board both models. Both have a good reputation. Based upon
my voyages in a 16 metre boat, I would say that if you can afford it, you
probably will not regret opting for the larger vessel. I guess it will
depend to some extent depend on whether you wish to make it your home or
not, and where you intend to sail to.

Regarding cruising costs, I did post a breakdown of my costs over a two year
period on my new SM2000. Although new, it did represent 25,000 nms of
cruising, so it may be of some guidance to you, although no doubt as boats
age, more needs to be replaced. If you can't find it, then drop me a note
and I will post it direct to you.

Good luck with the exams. It's not that difficult, and no doubt the
qualifications will become more of a requirement in the future in the United
States Of Europe! Maybe rightly so.


Ian Shepherd

SM # 414 'Crusader'

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