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The following message was sent to Joel Potter:

Hello Mr. Potter,

       Charlie and I picked up our new Amel in La Rochelle in July 2001 and
since then have enjoyed immensely our home that is the product of Mr. Amel's
legendary and deservedly praised boatbuilding philosophy and the workmanship and
devotion of every member of his team.  When we visited the yard in April
2000, we owned Malaika I, our very special Maramu #102, and had no intention of
buying another boat.  It was precisely the excellence throughout the Amel
building process that seeped through the conscious and proved convincing.  In
contrast to the orderly and spotlessly clean Amel yard,  I'd heard numerous stories
of the chaos, carelessness and lack of skill and caring that exists in other
yards throughout the world.  As a novice sailor, my habit since I met Charlie
was to read, listen to and watch keenly for any potential danger associated
with sailboats, because retirement increasingly appeared to mean more time
aboard.  Disaster at sea stories were my daily fare.  On those I kept detailed notes
of what went wrong, with a column that tracked how Malaika stacked up (very
well, thank you; I have concluded that on an Amel I am as safe as one can be
aboard a small yacht at sea).  In La Rochelle, the Amel yachts were perfection,
reflecting the workers' professionalism and pride in well-honed skills.  This
perfection and precision of effort were powerful statements.  An added
persuasion was the respect shown these workers by the extremely small but talented
sales and administrative staff.  (Rightly or wrongly I regard you as being one
of these persons--I met you briefly aboard an Amel, in Annapolis)  I began to
want one of these beautiful and safe yachts as my home. 
       Almost three years and over 10,000 nm later I still believe Amel boats
are perfect, and even moreso the attentiveness of the after-purchase support 
and administrative staff.  I have wondered at times how these people maintain
family lives because their dedication to Amel buyers is so complete. 
       Mr. Potter, I could write much more in praise of the Amel crew and
yachts, and why I am adamant in support of your e-mail (Crusader Debacle), but
you have much to do and I have a couple of other items to raise.
       First, for some time I have meant to write and compliment you on your
monthly advertisements in Blue Water Sailing.  The ads are excellent all
'round.   Despite the monthly appearance, you manage to make your pages fresh, with
a new angle almost every time (December and January's issues probably meant
you were having a well-deserved vacation).  I know and appreciate the
difficulty of that.  I confess that I have clipped and saved in my "brag" file most ads
you have written over the past three years.  How's that for admiration?  It
is a ready-made glossy to show in the future, should we become too old to sail
and must sell instead.
       Second, in one of your ads you mentioned a Super Maramu Millennium
with an ice maker.  Where did they put the ice maker?  In place of the
dishwasher?  Do you know anyone who has replaced the dishwasher for storage?  If so, are
they pleased with the change?
       Third, in connection with the above, I noticed that you have not
mentioned a dishwasher since at least December.  Was that purposeful?  Has it
become storage?  An icemaker? 
       Fourth, pertaining to the Ultra Option Package:  You did not mention
it in your February offering.  Has the package changed?  Do you know if current
Super Maramu Millennium owners can purchase some of the package, for instance
the red rub rails (vice the brown) and the larger capacity batteries?  If so,
must the changes be made at La Rochelle or Hyere?  I realize I can write to
the Amel yard and will do so, but I wondered if other current owners had
mentioned interest in changing up.
       Again, if you wish support from very happy Super Maramu Millennium
owners, just ask.  We are a traveling advertising team for these amazing yachts
and have almost too many opportunities to express our views, because it seems
most of the sailing world highly values the Amel product.  What I see day after
day is an endless stream of admiration and almost awe.

Fair Winds,

Ruth Cronheim
Roma, Italia


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