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David Wallace

Dave, we've been cruising the Sea for over the past month with no internet until just now so I missed this. The measurement you're asking for is 28" Sorry for the delay, hope this helps. Best regards, Dave
On Mar 16, 2012, at 9:27 AM, Dave_Benjamin wrote:


I think the table on your boat may be a bit shorter than ours. Could I trouble you to measure the distance from the bulkhead between salon and WC and the center of the inspection port? That would let me know precisely where that port is located and give me an idea of how our arrangements compare.


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Hi Dave,

Our 1982 Maramu does have a total of five inspection ports: under the sink, under the galley floor, and three under the table floor piece (the forward most one is actually under the floor forward of the table base, with the other two actually under the pedestal.

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There is a section of tank (normally) under the table that doesn't have an inspection port. I can see the small hole at the bottom where water flows through to it. This is all under the table, not extending forward.

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That forward tank access can not extend beyond the watertight door.
Second the forward area can tank in salt water when pounding by way of the depth sounder sending unit. You would not want get salt water on top of a fresh water supply.

Pressure washing the inside of the tank will get to all points.
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We figured out how to get the table out of our boat. As you may recall it wasn't obvious. When it was installed, the yard installed the floor trim over the top of the plywood. In order to remove it, we had to cut the floor trim on either end of the table. Then we pried the floor trim up which exposed the fasteners. After that, it was just a matter of unscrewing the bolts. We will probably rip the pieces of floor trim so that we can reinstall the table with exposed fasteners and no need to remove trim in the future. I've uploaded a picture with the trim removed. The bolts have already been removed at the time photo was taken.

I have a few questions on the water tanks. First off there are only two inspection ports under the table. There is no port over the forward most section of the tank. Seems like there should be one so I was planning to install a rectangular access port there. Please let me know if there's some reason this port shouldn't be added or if you have three ports under the table of a newer Maramu.

One of the tanks will need some maintenance as the paint is flaking. Has anyone recoated or repainted a tank? At least this one is fairly easy to reach.

Dave Benjamin
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