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Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Dear Mrs. Cronheim,

Thank you for your recent posting on the Amel Owners Group. Your statements
reflect the experiences of a vast majority of our Amel Clients and it's nice
to have praise for a job well done.

Thank you for your kind words regarding our advertising. As long as I'm not
at (or over) my deadline, writing about Amels is a very satisfying thing to
do. I have the best job in the world. They even pay me.

Here are some answers to your questions:

An ice maker is a nice addition especially for North Americans who put
ice in all manner of drink. My European Pals cringe when I put ice in a
single malt but that's the way my parents raised me. The icemaker, usually
a U-LINE product, mounts next to the washer dryer on the Millennium model,
just where the liquor locker now is. I recommend installing a 200 volt unit
to be powered by an appropriate 24 volt to 220 volt inverter. Ice makers
use lots of power initially when first started, then not a lot to maintain
the ice made once the unit is cold. An inverter allows the ice maker to
draw power as it needs it without having to employ the genset set when at
anchor or sailing or otherwise away from shore power. It works very well
and all my clients who did this are glad they did.

Although most folks really enjoy their dishwasher, some never ever use it.
I don't mention it, generally, in my ads because on first blush, most think
it is an extravagance. Actually, it uses less than 4 gallons of water and
heats the water up to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit so it uses little more
than hand washing a full days worth of dishes and gets them cleaner by
virtue of the very hot water. I have never had anyone delete it for storage
but I think Amel has done it for a couple of European buyers.

The ULTRA package is, essentially, an option package tailored to what our
North American clients usually order. There are no real unique or special
items, just a grouping of what my clients almost always order. A.. Super
Maramus built today have red rub rails and waterlines. You could paint them
with polyurethane but then they would scratch more easily and not be able to
be polished to remove minor blemishes. Amel has a policy of not
incorporating new design features into older boats in most
circumstances...that's how we sell new ones! Amel will upgrade battery
chargers but not the bigger battery box itself. Too expensive and too much
ripping stuff apart...

Thanks again for your support. I wish you and Charlie many many many more
happy years on your Amel. When you decide to sell, don't show people my old
ads. Let me write new ones for you...

All the best,
Joel F. Potter
AMEL Super Maramu # 400, MARY BROWN

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