Re: Icemakers

Randy Kilmon <drifter01us@...>

Hello Joel,
We enjoyed your letter to Mrs Cronheim, and were
interested particularly in your comments pertaining to
icemakers. We, too, have considered installing an
icemaker but have gone no further than preliminary
thinking. We have wondered, however, whether an
icemaker which could be installed in the space
currently holding the dishwasher (which we never use).
That "box" already has a drain. Also, such an
installation would be somewhat more energy efficient,
as it would be "top-access" and the cold would not
spill out when one opened the door.
Do you know whether or not an icemaker's components
could be configured to fit into the dishwasher
Many thanks,
Randy Kilmon
"Drifter" SM 2000 #240

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