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Good advice, but this company does not take credit cards. That is the reason I answered Steve's question the way I did.


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If you use a credit card, there is recourse available if a merchant fails to deliver the proper item. You can dispute a transaction and the laws are actually slanted in favor of the consumer. With a wire transfer, the money is gone and no recourse is available.

We have been accepting credit cards over the phone for 8 years and I've never had a customer experience a problem. We do business around the world. More recently we have started to use online card processing.

I know of a few people that made the mistake of paying with a wire transfer for sails to a loft in Asia. The sails were improperly made and the loft did nothing to resolve the problem. Had the transaction been made with a credit card, the customer would have some leverage.

If you are somewhere where you are concerned about security of communication, you can send part of the information by email and the rest by phone. If you are sending by email, it is better to send the info as a graphic or photo then just typing numbers and address into body of an email as keystroke logging can occur in internet cafes and such.

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Thanks Bill. Wire transfer is a little slow maybe, but it's also safer than credit card info over the phone.

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They require wire transfer...sorry.

They will send you an invoice in German with bank wiring instructions...use Google Translate


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I was also able to reach them using that email address, and they have the lid parts I need too.


How did you pay for the parts? I'm still trying to figure out if they have a secure ordering site (i.e. https), and I don't want to send credit card info in an email.

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