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John and Anne on Bali Hai

Hello Stefano, My SM319, 2001 came with Delphi Freedom batteries which were gel type AGM and gave excellent service for eight years. Similar batteries are very expensive in Malta and I tried to import some equivalents from the UK which would have been much cheaper even with shipping costs but could not be shipped as they are rated as hazardous. So I settled for lead acid ones and now worry about whether the acid levels are OK so I have to check 8 X 6 cells to be sure that the levels are ok from time to time. I recommend getting sealed gel type AGM batteries for long service and peace of mind. Make sure that the chargers are set for this type by setting the dip switches for gel type. You will then have peace of mind!

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319

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Hy and Buona Pasqua, hull 195 SM 1997. I've to change the batteries, thinking of AGM. Any advice about brand and type? I'm in Italy in Olbia Sardinia island. Thanks

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