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Be careful because you may have issues with you battery charges not charging to AGM specs. This includes you 24 volt alternator on the main engine. With most AGM's you will need "smart battery chargers" and will have to convert the 24 volt engine alternator to a smart charger.

AGM's will likely work with what you have, but you will not get the life from AGM's needed to off-set the additional costs unless you do something about charging.

Varta makes the exact battery that Delphi made as "The Freedom" battery and I am told that Varta manufactures this in the old Delphi factory in France. Varta can be found all over Europe. We used the Varta Hobby 105amp battery. The pole connections and all of the dimensions are exactly the same as the Delphi.

My understanding is that Delphi liquidated and another company bought the "Delphi" brand name. Varta bought the Delphi factory.

Hope this helps.

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Hy and Buona Pasqua, hull 195 SM 1997. I've to change the batteries, thinking of AGM. Any advice about brand and type? I'm in Italy in Olbia Sardinia island. Thanks

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