Re: [Amel] fuel tank maramu #261 1989

David Wallace

Ross I think the access port is about 8 in diameter. We installed in at the fwd end of the tank. We were going to put in at least two but the tank was so clean that we only did the one. I think there are two baffles in the tank but not sure of that. Dave
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Thank you, yes there was a dipstick attached to the fuel cap.
What size are the access ports that you added to the top of the tank? How did you know were the inside baffles are?

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The factory fuel gage for our Maramu #104 1982 is a dip stick in the fuel fill port on the stbd deck next to the cockpit. A previous owner added a sight gage using plastic tubing tapped into the shutoff valve at the forward bottom of the tank. The tank does not have an access port from the factory. We added one in 2007. The shelf on top of the tank is easily removed to install a gage. When we looked in the tank, there was nothing but diesel in the bottom!

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Hi all, where is my fuel gauge?, do I have one? Also is there an inspection port in my tank for clean out? Thanks, Ross

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