How we love our Amel SM2000

Walter Lundstrom <linneasail@...>

I just wanted to write a note about our experience with "Linnea" our 2002

We started our full time cruising adventure close to two years ago. During
our 10,000+ miles of travel, we have met and talked with over 50 owners of
new yachts of all kinds of brands, many of them far more expensive than
Amel. Every single person we talk to has gone through some sort of
frustrating "teething problems", and they all consider it to be normal (!).
At the same time, we have not had any of these "teething problems" at all
with "Linnea". We have actually learned to tune down our praise of Amel, so
we won't hurt other peoples feelings or make them jealous...

In addition, whenever we contact Amel with any questions, they are prompt,
knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. The same also goes for Joel
Potter who helped us through the buying process and advised us on what
options to buy.

Without Amel building such a great boat and without Joel doing such a great
job at informing about it, we would have not had such a pleasant, safe, and
problem free cruising experience. So, from the whole Lundstrom cruising
family. THANK YOU!!!


S/Y Linnea (Hull no.366)
Gail, Walter, Tatiana, Drake & Rex Lundstrom

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