"C" Drive upper shaft

Craig Briggs

Hi Kent,
From your comment in your post about the Yanmar (quoted below), it looks like you've had to go back to Amel to replace your "C" Drive input shaft, I'm sure at great expense. Just curious as to the reason you couldn't get a new one machined locally? Sorry to see you out of commission.
Craig Briggs, sv SANGARIS

Excerpted from Kent's earlier post on a different topic:
"...Now, you might have noticed my posts about the upper horizontal shaft of my prop drive breaking last month..... When (If) we ever get the new shaft from Amel we'll look carefully at the transmission to see if there's anything else going on that could have contributed to the failure and let you all know if we do find anything.

In short, I'm very happy with the new Yanmar and wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Kent SM 243 KRISTY"

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