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does anyone have an espar heater installed on their Super Maramu?
i am looking for pictures of the installation.
sm 376 kimberlite
Dear Eric et al,

I am surprised that nobody has replied to your request. We own a Santorin =
B" and it was fitted with an Espar unit. My partner Dennis has had 3 prev=
ious boats
with Espar units and they all proved problematic. being from a racing rath=
er than a
cruising background heating was in the past not such a priority for me.

Taking account of Dennis' experience we looked at alternatives. We decided=
that the
following was the way to go.

1. For in port where 230v shorepower is available - Marina berth - to use=
simple fan
heaters. The Forward cabin has this system from new. Incidentally, does a=
ny other
Santorin owner know where is the heater supposed to go? I have not figured=
out what
the original Amel concept is.

2. For Motor Sailing I am fitting a matrix heater under the companionway-=
à la car/
truck. Using the heat from the engine which would apart from the heat to t=
calorifier would be used to heat the sea. In broad terms from a diesel eng=
ine of 40kW
cruising at c.50% power ie 15/20kW; you have 30% of the energy to each of (=
i) the
power from the engine (ii) exhaust heat (iii) the cooling water and 10% in =
other losses noise, incomplete combustion etc. So why not use the c. 15kw =
to the
cooling to heat the boat. With normal engineering losses etc. or if you pr=
buggeration factors there should be about 5/6kW available with this in mind=
selected a nominal 5.5kW matrix from which I expet to extract 3/4kW to the =
Has any anyone else fitted a similar system?

3. With Dennis' experience in mind I am fitting a Mikuni unit in place of =
Eberspächer unit. We'll see how we make out with this unit.

Eric if it is any use to you I'll send you some photos of our installation.=
If you want
this as a poor second to a Super Maramu installation.

We also have a 1989 Amel Fango for sale if anyone is interested please let =
me know.

My e mail is ""

Amel Santorin
"khamsin B" formerly "Fidelus"

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