Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] BATTERY LIFE, SULAJON

Stephan Regulinski


We have SM#303 and are on the original batteries. We have cruised
full time since taking delivery in July 2000. We have been in
marinas a lot (maybe one day in three) and run the genset if the
batteries are down 20%. In this sense, we have pampered the

On the other hand, our friends on Revalation (SM #390), went through
a set of batteries in 8 months. They wondered whether the charger
was misset and was systematically undercharging the batteries.


--- In, Claude Roessiger
<nearlynothing@y...> wrote:
I have SM#308 and we are now on the third set of
batteries. (Incidentally, we were told that one could
run both chargers together, but that now seems
countermanded.) On my old Maramu I used to get 5 years
from batteries. I don't know the answer.
Claude Roessiger

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